Grow Into AI: Health Edition

Program & Dates

  • 18 May 2021, 15:00 - 18:00 CEST
    • Inspiration Event "The Potential of AI"
      Get inspired with new insights, new applications and proven success stories about AI in future healthcare. How can AI help us stay healthy without going to the hospital?
      Learn from testimonials how organizations are implementing AI med-tech, biotech, and digital healthcare and what the benefits are of embracing AI.
      We will shed light on technological questions and more generic processes like AI in HR and the impact of AI on regulatory approval.
      A taste of the possibilities of AI in the health(care) sector!
    • We live-streamed this session from the beautiful Health House location, produced by Haptic. You can watch it here:
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  • 27 May 2021, 15:00 CEST (Session also recorded & available on-demand after registration)
    • Registrations remain open until 17 June, as the session will be completely recorded 
    • Masterclass Part 1: "From Data to Intelligence"
      • Do you collect a lot of data in your processes, products or services? Do you want to strengthen your business or procedures based on that data? Do you want to learn how you can make AI work in your company's business? Can you benefit from a helping hand and good introductory courses to make it happen?
      • This first half of the masterclass tackles the aspects of AI’s essential building blocks: how to collect data, how to build intelligence from it, and how then to process data into valuable and usable insights using that artificial intelligence. We'll talk about these issues with specific focus on the health(care) sector, which brings its own questions and concerns. 
      • Below you can see the specific topics and experts included.
        1 Demystification of AI UCLL
        2 How to get started: what is your business question you want to solve with AI? Look at the trends around you. Trensition
        3 How to get started: what is the business question you want to solve with data? What are you concrete needs and cases? How do you become data driven? Savaco
        4 How to get started: if you have a business need you want to solve and you have data to build your solution on: how to build a roadmap to get started with the technology: what are the objectives of the solution? What functionalities are required? Savaco
        5 How to get started with acquiring data, structuring data and data security? Data architecture, data flow, data environment, data cleaning UCLL
        6 Special case: Citizen-centric personal data management and governance VITO
        7 How to get from data to data science: once data architecture is defined: how do you model, visualize, and learn from the data: from data to algorithm: machine learning, deep learning and neural networks explained Algorhythm
        8 Decision trees build on automated rules with pattern recognition and predictive modelling: sepsis case Waylay
        9 Do’s and don’t’s: operational pitfalls and data analytical cycle UCLL


  • 3 June 2021, 15:00 CEST (30-minute lessons available ahead of time. On the day = live interaction with the speakers - prepare questions ahead of time, if you like!)
    • Registrations remain open until 17 June, as the session will be completely recorded 
    • Masterclass Part 2: "From Idea to Action"
      This second part of the masterclass asks, "Now what?" With the basics touched upon in the first session, the second session allows you to go deeper into the specifics of AI in the health(care) sector. Experts will talk about how to iterate, finetune, or diversify your specific AI-related questions and ideas.
      • Below you can see the specific topics and experts included.
        1 Get into practice: Finance, supply and production forecasting with external data ML6
        2 Get into practice: report by Trensition Trensition
        3 Sales and marketing and AI  ML6
        4 Robotics and AI demystified Verhaert
        5 Get into practice: robotics and AI Verhaert
        6 Genomics and AI VITO
        7 Data protection/GDPR UGent
        8 Regulations and AI QbD
        9 Ethics and AI Omina Technologies

      • We'll also facilitate a purely interactive session between participants and the experts, in small groups and one-on-one, after the summer months. This will give you time to let the lessons of sink in, to look at your own data, and to come up with specific questions to ask the experts.
  • 17 June 2021, 15:00 - 18:00 CEST
    • Matchmaking Finale
      Hear about funding opportunities and further steps in AI for health(care).
      Then we'll bring together AI tool and application developers relevant to the health(care) sector into one space.
      Masterclass coaches and attendees will be given time to pitch their applications and needs, and you all attendees can engage in 1-on-1 speed-dates with the other participants. What better way to find the AI solutions that are right for you?

    • This session will take place via two parallel tracks.
      1. In a live online plenary session, we'll present "Funding opportunities for digital health innovation" and meet 12 experts in 7 minute pitches.
      2. At the same time, participants can schedule 12-minute speed dates with experts and technology providers through an online platform.

        Come for the presentations you want to hear, schedule meetings with those you wish to talk to!

        • 15:00 A warm welcome
        • 15:05 " status and overview" by Piet Verhoeve
        • 15:20 "AI4Growth: towards partnerships and funded proof of concepts in AI" by Michael Rademaker
        • 15:35 "A new European funding framework: opportunities for digital health innovations" by Mark Antonissen
        • 15:50 "Kick-start your innovation with imec.icon" by Annelies Vandamme
        • 16:05 Break
        • 16:15 Pitches: Get to know the experts: 7 min pitches each
        • 17:45 "From idea to solution: How to develop a successful Proof-of-Concept" by David Vandenbroeck
        • 18:00 end

All sessions are completely online. Links will be sent out after registration.

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  2. Masterclasses + Matchmaking
    30-min lessons by experts available on-demand, interact live with the speakers after the summer months
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  3. Matchmaking without Masterclass
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