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DSP Valley believes in the need for digital technologies; we also believe in the inevitability of digital transformations. Our raison d’être is to synthesize this duality: to enable new digital technologies while also helping those who must use that technology to adapt with it.

We are a regional business network – a cluster – for companies creating, applying, and adapting to electronic solutions and digital technologies.

Our mission is to breed digital business through collaborative business development. (#CollaborativeBizDev!) We help you discover new business opportunities at a collective level: the potential for a digital technology across a value chain, beyond a single company’s perspective through discussion with various stakeholders.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Participation in regional, transregional, and international projects
  • Engaging in regional and international partnership networks
  • Events, programs, calls, and support through our five focused programmes.

Use the form on the right to let us know who you are and which domains you're interested in. The right Programme Manager will then be in touch with you. It's that easy!