Learn how to let AI work for you.

You’ve no doubt heard of AI. If you have a smart device – whether it be a phone, a washing machine, or a car – you already interact with it. But what is it exactly? Without an engineering degree, can you use it for more than asking a robot to play your favorite song? The answer is yes!

AI is becoming more and more interwoven in our daily world. As a consequence, it’s also becoming more accessible. User interfaces are becoming more friendly and less complicated, and the applications for AI are diversifying. You no longer need to have technical skills or a deep understanding of computer science in order to choose AI for your business solutions.

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Grow into AI: a 4-part program

Data starts with AI — your success starts with our program.

Run twice per year, the program will begin each time with an initial event laying out the specific potential of AI within a particular business domain. Then, 15 or so interested business owners can continue with an in-depth masterclass split into 2 sessions to establish their vision for AI in their company and take the first steps to make it a reality. Then we'll put on a matchmaking finale in which AI tool and application developers and business owners from the given focus domain can speed date 1-on-1 to find the right fit.

Each program thus consists of:

  • 1 Inspiration Event
    • Keynotes, testimonials, and applications on parade
  • 2 Masterclasses (you must attend both sessions)
    • Small groups, AI experts and coaches
  • 1 Matchmaking Finale
    • Hear pitches from technology providers
    • Meet 1-on-1 with providers in speed dates to find the right fit for you
    • PLUS hear about funding opportunities to implement AI in your business

In May and June 2021, we're focused on the health(care) sector (Future Urban Living: Towards Cities Without Hospitals) and smart city applications (Smart Living in the City of the Future).


Session 1

The Potential of AI: Thematic Event

A half-day focus event shows you what the possibilities are for YOU as a business owner when it comes to AI. You’ll hear from experts who can translate the science behind new AI tools into understandable, manageable principles. You’ll learn about the range of tools now available to companies like yours to harness the power of AI and best practices. Let AI take some of your workload off your plate so you can focus on your core business.

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Data to Intelligence-1

This masterclass gives business owners the first tools they need to begin integrating AI into their business models. Topics covered include:

  • Kinds of machine learning
  • Data gathering, sensor networks
  • Data curation, annotation, metadata
  • AI architectures: edge, fog, cloud
  • Intelligent agents
  • Examples including natural language processing and computer vision
  • Testimonial

Session 2

From Data to Intelligence: Masterclass

Data is the name of the game these days. More fashionable yet is big data. But how do you gather data? What makes data “big”? Once you’ve got it, you’ve only just begun – the most important question is: what do you do with data once you’ve got it? This masterclass tackles these aspects of AI’s essential building blocks: how to collect data, how to build intelligence from it, and how then to process data into valuable and usable insights using that artificial intelligence.

Session 3

From Idea to Action: Masterclass

Once you’ve started collecting data the right way, AI is there to take on the big analysis. But then what? How do you use AI results? And how do you make them most useful? How do you make AI and your data a success for your business?

This half-day masterclass tackles these questions. We move beyond how you gather and process data and focus on how you use the AI results you end up with. Moreover, we’ll go over how to pitch your new skills for success.

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Topic covered include:

  • Key AI technologies to make your data work for you
  • Integrating AI into your business strategy
  • Overcoming hurdles and resistance
  • Ethical implications of AI
  • Examples and testimonials
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Session 4

AI & You: a Match Made in Heaven

After attending the thematic event and 2 masterclasses, you'll know that there are many tools and user-friendly AI applications to help grow your business. But how do you find the right tool or application?

By coming to this matchmaking session! We’ll bring together AI tool and application developers relevant to your business domain into one space. You can hear about their applications and pitch your own company’s needs to them. What better way to find the AI solutions that are right for you?


Who's it for?

Business owners

  • who want to start with AI but do not yet know where to start
  • who may already be collecting data but are unsure what to do with it - or do not yet know what can be done with it
  • who cannot easily articulate how they will reap the benefits of AI
  • who already work with AI but do not use the results efficiently enough or do not know them well
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Find out how

  • How to collect data
  • How to choose which type (s) of data you want to collect
  • How to deal with “big data”
  • How to build intelligence based on data
  • How data can make your company AI-ready
  • How to make AI analyses lucrative for your organization
  • How to advocate for investment in AI for your organization
  • How to determine what kind of partners you need
  • How to choose what you can expect from AI

Take aways

  • Best practices to achieve your goals
  • Strategies for dealing with changing processes and possible resistance
  • Matchmaking with AI developers who have appropriate apps and tools ready for you
  • An intimate network of like-minded business owners

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PLUS: The Grow into AI program is part of a larger industry partnership led by Agoria & Sirris and supported by Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Further support, including one-on-one business coaching, maturity measurement, and more is available. Find out more (in Dutch) at the partnership website.